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I actually have a REALLY good reason this one took so long. I spent a month in Hong Kong and only got back last week. It was great, but alas, not the place to be doing comic related stuff (apart from reading them on the ferry).

I'm pretty proud of how this one came out, both writing wise and art wise. There's some composition problems, but I like the way it gets more colourful as it goes down (and closer to the big moment) and I like the dialogue, which is a little more thought out. This comes from advice from a friend, who told me the art and dialogue, while being moody and atmospheric, wasn't very expressive. So I'm attempting to rectify things a little.

Continuing to draw the characters in a less anime style, and painting the buggers is fantastic fun, but it is a little more time consuming. Especially where backgrounds are concerned, it's also a little harder to get the pallettes exact from page to page, but I try my best based on the old files.



I do like working in this large size.

Had a bit of a block on the wording for this one. The original script harked on about madness and lunacy, which seemed very heavy handed. So I toned it down a bit. The art went off more or less without a hitch.


7-6 and 7-7

It's probably worth noting that these did not take almost a year and a half to complete...

Well, I've been busy, rewriting and animating mostly. The backstory to this comic was always fairly vague, so I rewrote it into something a bit more interesting, and suffice to say, I rewrote where the story was going into something a bit more character focused.

I'm shifting away from the school after this chapter, the setting was a bit juvenile back when I began this comic and it's certainly not something I want to write about now. The main characters will stay of course, and it's still all canon, I just want to get to the big city and tell the story that's been building up.

Also, you may have noticed with 7-7, that I finally broke out of the low resolution pages I was doing before. I apologise to those of you still running 800x600 monitors.


Pencilling the next two pages

Uni dropped a bit of work on me, but I'm back on track and pencilling the next two pages.

Hope that works. I found some time to do this though :)



Sometimes you get time at uni to do hobby work, in between all that sitting in the animation base room, staring at a maya rig that just won't bend the right way.

This page was done very traditionally, started as a sketch, and went through all the scanning, cleaning and colouring that most people do all the time. I also painted two of the backgrounds, which came out looking quite nice.



So apparently uni takes up alot of time and effort.

And apparently I don't manage my time very well.


7-3, at long bloody last

Dunno if there is anyone still reading this >_<. No matter, it's mostly for my own sake anyway.

I got back into the groove at last, and after all that dancing, I got settled into University work flow (or doing it all last minute). So I was able to find time to steal amongst all the working to do a page.

The background seems inconsistent, and the library appears to be much brighter than the one shown in Chapter 3. I like to imagine the library as loads of little cosy rooms connecting to one big hall, the conversation is supposed to move around the rooms a bit. I'll do some schematics later. Maybe.